Agustin Faundez Rojas

Parrot Dream / Music Therapy

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Agustin is currently a freelance drum set player in the NYC area playing with Parrot Dream. In the past Agustin has played in various bands including Birch, Kitchen Noise, Three MTs,  and other orchestral and chamber ensembles including Whitworth Quintet, Fairfax Symphony, American Wind Symphony, Metropolitan Philharmonic just to name a few. 

Parrot Dream: 

Formed at the end of 2013 in Santiago, Chile, Parrot Dream brought their hazed, dreamy sound to Brooklyn, NY. Since their move, and new addition to the band in 2015, Agustin Faundez Rojas, the band has performed at venues like Cameo Gallery, les poisson rouge, Pianos, Palisades, and The Knitting Factory, as well as made festival appearances at Northside Festival and CMJ. 

Their debut EP "Set Sail Someday” was released on the Chilean label Beast Discos, and in late 2015, Parrot Dream released the Side A/Side B Single "Jungle". Currently, the band is preparing to record a full-length album over the winter for release early 2017

Aside from being an active performer Agustin is also a board certified music therapist currently working in the mental health field. Agustin currently works as a music therapist at New Horizon Counseling Center, leading structured group and individualized music therapy sessions in order to assist individuals with serious mental illness realize their full potentials and abilities through the modality of music. If you’d like to learn more about music therapy, please visit