Bill Ciaramelli

Gloria's Miami Sound

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I am a Long Island drummer playing that has been playing since I was 10 years old, and active since I was 12. With the help of my father, a guitarist, I have been brought up on jobs and in studios and have associated with musicians such as Dave Keyes, Luan Carter, Tom Bowes and Leo Ursini. All have been a wonderful influence on my work and my personal life. This has also enhanced my background by introducing me to musical standards as well as jazz, latin, funk and so much more. 

     My initial drive was fueled by Heavy Metal and drummers such as Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) Nicko McBrian (Iron Maiden) John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) who's son I've  had the privilege  of working with some years ago. Having a reputation of hitting hard and holding the pocket, I have had the honor of being told by Joe Cocuzzo (by way of one of my CD's that my dad had) that, and I quote, "your son has great time". I continued on to Neil Peart , Dave Garibaldi and Steve Gadd and focused on the reasons behind what I played. This enabled me to handle any port of call such as shows at Gillette Stadium,  The Rainbow Room, The Breakers, Main room at The Seneca Grand Casino and The Waldorf Astoria. The quality of my sound has always been extremely important in my work.

     Being an accomplished studio musician as well as producer and sound engineer are all woven tightly throughout my projects. I am currently the founder, musical director and drummer of Gloria Estefan Miami Sound Machine tribute band, which is a 14 piece band that is percussion driven and touring  from New York to Florida to Texas and stops in between. The venues have been selling out each and every show. Indoor shows have been 1200 to 2725 seaters and the outdoor shows have been 2500 to 7500 people! Because of the great success with shows throughout the past 2 years, 2018 schedule already has 45 touring dates with 14 local shows.

On this project I am working with Grammy Award Winning Wilson "Chembo" Corniel on Congas and Eddie Torres on Timbales. I am also the founder of two other successful musical groups: Disco 54, a tribute to that eras best dance music, and New York Minute, a corporate band with it's roots in funk, R&B and top 40's. As you can see, I am not a one trick pony (thank you Paul Simon).

     The diversity of these projects allows me to continue to grow and stay on top of my game. My love for what I do allows me to always be "in the game". With over 30 years of quality experience and still being a young man, I am looking forward to an even more exciting future that will enhance not only my music but the lives of the people that hear it. I am a drummer..I hit hard....I hold the pocket...I rock the world of those that listen and I am thankful for all the wonderful music that surrounds me. Below please find links to my playing. I