Brock Reather


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Brock Reather

Resides in Fort Smith/Oklahoma Border (AKA Hell on the border)

He cannot recall the exact moment he encountered music, it was always there.  Coming from generations of musicians it was rooted in his soul, and something strongly valued in his family.

Brock studied under various instructors, conductors, and music mentors over the years.  The most influential being his father, Ben Reather, and his uncle, Bill.  The two of them taught him the blue collar aspect of the trait at an early age. Some of the most important studies of music theory, drum corps, and marching and concert music was under Allen Lawson and the late great Danny Faulkner.  During this time Brock was a valuable member of the school’s award-winning band and drumline.  The band participated in finals at the O.B.A. competition each year and represented the state of Oklahoma in Washington DC.  Brock himself received several awards in regional and state sight reading, solo, and ensemble competitions.

During his teenage years, Brock began playing in local pubs and various establishments before he could legally walk through the front door.  Over the years, he has been a founding member of numerous bands and filling in and gigging with even more; a list so long that even he can't recall.  Brock’s reliability, talent, dedication, and skills doing fill-in work earned him the reputation of a hired gun.

Brock has had the honor of playing with some of the best musicians in the Arkansas/Oklahoma area.  In addition to his work with various bands and artists, Brock also performs studio work, hosts workshops and clinics.  He is a local favorite for hosting and helping provide logistics for many local charity and special events.  He is also the cofounder and CEO of Drums on the Border, a local non-profit organization, proving that his passion for helping people is just a strong as his passion for music.