Chad S. Smith


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Chad S. Smith is an independent Country music drummer, born in Wheeling, WV. Growing up in the Ohio River Valley area, he was exposed to the music industry at a very young age. His passion for music is evident in his playing as well as the manner in which he approaches the drum kit. As an independent drummer, Chad focuses on supporting the featured artist by providing an in the pocket groove to enhance the song. His solid playing, positive demeanor and team player attitude keeps him in demand as a working drummer. He is currently involved in several regional projects as a drummer and vocalist.
As a member of the Regal Tip family, Chad prefers the 5BX Wood Tip model. He has been loyal to the company since 1984 and says that Regal Tip is an important part of his sound. He credits Regal Tip for the tone, consistency and clarity of the sounds produced from his kit.

In addition to the 5BX sticks, he also uses the Wood Handle Blasticks, the Nylon Tip Stick Mallets, the Classic Retractable Brushes and the Cajon Swish model for his acoustic project.