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Dennis Frehse was born in October 1979 in Hannover, Germany. He showed interested in music
from an early age but it wasn’t until he reached age fifteen that he started playing drums and taking
lessons. Once he started, he learned and developed quickly and soon drew interest from local
musicians around his hometown. By the age of seventeen, Dennis started working with various
bands and also joined some music competitions.
In 2001 Dennis moved to Boston, USA to begin his studies at Berklee College Of Music. He
graduated in 2004 and stayed another year in Boston to gain more experience from the vital
music scene around New England.
In 2005, Dennis moved back to Germany were he continued his young career playing various gigs
and concerts around Germany and surrounding countries. He also became active as an educator
in both private lessons and workshops.
Musicians he had a chance to work with during this time include Branford Marsalis, Mark Murphy,
Jesse Davis, Martin Sasse, Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr, Olaf Polziehn, Thomas Rückert, Michel
Reis besides many others.
Since 2009 Dennis lives in Tokyo, Japan where he continues his career as a professional
drummer. He is currently a member of trumpeter Tomonao Hara’s Quartet, saxophonist Seiichi
Nakamura’s Band and pianist Jacob Koller’s Band. Besides that he has worked in Japan with
musicians like Dan Nimmer, Makoto Ozone, Kengo Nakamura, Yoshiro Okazaki, Shiro Sasaki, Lisa
Ono and Jun Abe besides others, on stage and in the recording studio.
In 2012 Dennis released his first CD as a leader in Japan under the title “trifoje” (78Label).