Eddie 'Eclef' Pearsall


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Nylon 111NT | Wood 211R

Eddie Pearsall, who also goes by "Eclef", has been playing drums for 28 years, since he was 2 years old and he grew up playing in church. His list of influences include his father who was the first drummer he's seen playing drums in church who also inspired him to get on the drumset after each church service, Vinnie Colaiuta,  Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Virgil Donati, Thomas Pridgen, Calvin Rodgers, and Fred Boswell to name a few. He currently plays with "The Tines" out of Buffalo NY and "Tokyo & The Boy" out of Buffalo NY as well. Their album entitled "Literatura Philia" can be found on ITunes Bandcamp and Spotify. They have another one on the way as well.  The Tines is a 70s Prog Rock band who plays many local venues. Every week he plays  at Faith Bible Tabernacle church on every Sunday morning. Words that he lives by "Remain humble and congratulate others on their success and watch your blessings manifest"- Eddie "Eclef" Pearsall.