Edward Tucker

Fate Up

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Ed is often described as the “Loudest Mammal On Earth” and “Human Metronome” because of his hard hitting, precise time keeping, no holds barred style of Rock, Funk, Fusion and other genre’s.  Ed was born October 20 in Pennsylvania. He started practicing and taking his talent seriously at age 11 after watching an extremely talented drum corp. instructor playing in his brothers band, and after giving him 5 lessons and teaching him to read music with enough charted rudiments and paradiddles to keep him busy for many years. Ed preceded on his own with determination and self discipline, practicing 8 to 12 hours a day through grade school and high school and many years after that to reach his goals, timing being the most important of these, and never even owning a drum for 3 years. After graciously being lent a small drum set from a local biker gang member, with an 18" Bass drum and three snares, two of which he turned into Tom-toms, he purchased his first drum set from the brother of a friend that was no more that a big heap of parts and unmatched shells for $40.00 saved from his paper route earnings, and getting the balance from his Mother. Ed started his first band in junior high school and several others until joining his first real band, Road Closed.


A few years later Ed started performing with his brother Mike in an original band that he still performs with to this day under different names and many other musicians along the way, now called The Tucker Brother’s Band. Years later Ed was invited to join one of the newest up and coming Hard Southern Rock bands on the east coast, No Restraints, recording his first full-length original album with the band at Jim Femino Productions. Grammy-Nominated writer/producer and #1 Billboard artist Jim Femino was recently quoted as saying; “As a producer, I’ve used the best drummers in the world in Nashville. But I won’t record in Philly if I can’t get Ed Tucker behind the drums. Period.”  No Restraints went on to tour for years, playing 100-150+ shows a year receiving radio play across the country, and signing for a single off their debut album to be included in a compilation album of some of the best artists of the time. No Restraints recorded their second full-length album at Charlie Hill Studio two years later. Ed has sat in with countless bands, performed with uncountable musicians and done many studio sessions.


In 2014 Ed opened his recording studio, Studio 3T, being Producer, Engineer and Studio Drummer. Ed has always been involved in the recording of his music, which led him to attend Berklee College of Music to study Music Production, Engineering and Percussion. During his tenure at Berklee was awarded the prestigious Berklee College Of Music Celebrity Scholarship in the name of Steve Vai, at the same time earning his Berklee College Of Music Specialist Certification and Berklee College Of Music Professional Certification and is currently working on his Master Certification in Music Production 


Ed’s latest project and current band, Fate Up, was hand picked by him from the best musicians this side of the Mississippi, including his bass player of many years, Mark Condello, and guitar virtuoso Eric Lacovara. Fate Up is currently working on their debut album at Studio 3T set for release in 2018 on Vinyl and Download.


“Ed’s seemingly boundless enthusiasm and energy, coupled with years of experience, and an engaging spirit…very talented and seasoned musician…of the highest quality.” -  Rod Morgenstein, Dixie Dregs, Warrant, Professor of Percussion, Berklee College Of Music, and friend.