Eric Boudreault

Eric Boudreault

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Eric is 31 years old. He started playing drums at three and received his first kit at five. He started taking drum lessons at seven and joined his first band at ten. While he was in school, he played various symphony orchestras, giving him the opportunity to go on tour in Europe--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------Since then, he played with bands of different styles, including Funk, Swing, Latin, Progressive, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock, R&B, Jazz, Alternative, etc... He focuses on his versatility and his musicality. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------Eric is holder of a bachelor in music performance at Concordia University and also has a Diploma (D.E.C.) performance degree in Alma College in music. Modern drummer, DRUM! Magazine and Drums etc… made a mention of his young career (see press review ,pictures section).In November 1999, he played at the Montreal Drumfest in the Yamaha Rising Stars Showcase. Eric was also the cover story of DRUMS ETC… magazine in Canada March / april 2007. Eric is now endorse by REMO, MEINL cymbals, Regal tip and DW drums.---------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Eric worked as a teacher in many different schools. He has some projects running in Province of Quebec, Canada and United states. He gives master classes and percussions workshops around the country.------------------------------------------------------------- He gave a second performance at the Montreal Drumfest in October 2008 but this time as one of the feature artists.-------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Eric did a 3 year tour with a show named CAVALIA (, more than 600 shows and 1 300 000 tickets sold. He had the chance to play with some of the following artists; - John Patitucci - Alex Acuna - John Beasley - Michel Donato - Ronald Di Lauro - Michel Cusson - Muhammed Abdul Abkhabyyr and many more... ------------------------------------------------ Finally , he recently worked at the Famous ''Sound city'' in Los Angeles CA as a session drummer. He is also doing many shows and tours in Mexico, Europe, USA and Canada with the rock & roll circus ''Les Parfaits inconnus'', more than 250 shows. Since 2008 , Eric is the drummer for the biggest school in north america and inter-active percussions shows ''Samajam''.

Sponsors: Drum Workshop (drums, pedal and hardware), REMO, MEINL cymbals & percussions and Regal tip drumsticks. ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ------------------------------------ERIC DRUM DVD TEASER 2008-------------- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ---------------------------------------------ERIC DRUMS CLINIC 2008------- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ......
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