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“Music is the soundtrack of life,” says James Agnew, who began to play drums at age five.
Born February 5, 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio; this highly talented musician with extensive experience in entertaining live audiences in nightclubs, theaters, and both National and International arenas was birthed into musical greatness. His father, a drummer, and his mother, a trained classical singer, taught James how to converse with music and the value in respecting the art.
Showtime, as he has been most aptly nicknamed, has a profound background in playing for live stage productions and studio recordings, yet this was not something he learned overnight.
The young James Agnew gained most of his talent playing in church. This talent was skillfully molded as he matriculated through the annals of Cleveland School of the Arts where the competition help to develop his style which is described as “edgy, yet well rooted in the pocket.”
As a virtual newcomer in the industry with a mere 6 years of professional experience, Showtime has an impressive resume. Playing for the likes of the legendary Carlos Santana, Anthony Hamilton, Bob Singleton’s World Renowned Golden Gospel Singers, Kindred the Family Soul, Phil Perry and many more. In 2009 Showtime he appeared in the cast of Diddy’s Making His Band, which aired on MTV.
Most recently, Mr. Agnew has been on tour with International crooner, Sean Kingston. In the Summer 2010, he can be found on the My World National Tour featuring Justin Bieber with special guest Sean Kingston.

Showtime proudly endorses: Tama, SABIAN, Remo, Regal Tip, Woodshed Productions, Gibraltar, and Mono