James "Slim" Dunn

Johnny Cooper/KTAM

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Born February 1st in Ft Worth, TX 


My God Given talent


My mom told me from birth that I was destined to be a drummer. When I was in my mom’s womb, I would go from moving all around to silent, as soon as the drums at church would start playing. She said it was if I was trying to identify the sounds I was hearing. Little did I know… I was listening to the sound of my future.


My mom’s support has stayed strong from that point on. I still remember the day when I had made my own “set up” using pots and pans. Everyone around couldn’t understand why I was making all of this “noise”. I was just being an obnoxious five year old boy in their eyes. She said, “He is not making noise, he actually has a rhythm going.” Her constant faith and support in my abilities helped shape me into the artist I am today.


My dreams became a reality at age 15. I had my first opportunity to play for Carter Metropolitan, a local church here in Fort WorthIt was this opportunity that I realized God has blessed me with a gift and I had to pursue this.


Throughout high school, I was introduced to different genres of music that I was not accustomed to. Ranging anywhere from jazz to R&B. In addition to my Gospel roots, I studied and listened to these genres more and more. I always wanted to be versatile and always be ready to perform. I like to think of myself as a chameleon. Being versatile, provides me with an abundance of opportunities.


With all my hard work, I was afforded the opportunity to record my first live record at the age of 24, with Eric Birdine & The Messengers album “The Message Volume 1 High Praise.” 


Since then, I have recorded with singer/songwriter Joey Green on his studio album, “Lo5”, and the “Live at Whiskey Girl” album. I’ve recorded with soul artist Chris Watson on the “Black, White, & Grey” album and countless other studio sessions. Along with these recordings, I’ve also been blessed to tour regionally.


I am currently the drummer at Newbreed Christian Center in Ft Worth, TX, and I’m continuing to work with different singer/songwriter artists such as, Johnny Cooper and Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials. I’m always working to recreate improve my company and brand.