JJ King

Breaking Solace

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"Sensitive to the song", "Solid pocket player", "Tasteful fills and great dynamics" and "A joy to work with" are some of the comments made by producers, engineers and professional musicians about Jake Klimchuk (AKA JJ King), now 23 years old, who has been drumming in the WNY music scene since he was ten. He has played and recorded with bands and musicians from a wide spectrum of genres including Rock, Metal, Jazz, Big Band, Country, Ska, Classic Rock, Theatrical Pop, Classical and more. Jake has been recognized as the "go-to" drummer, by local musicians, for fill-in gigs and studio work. He recently left Bay Area Hard Rock/Metal band Alchemia to become the full time drummer for the Buffalo, NY based touring metal band Skinbound. Jake has been touring and playing in many venues across the North Eastern, Mid Western, and Central United States.


National/Touring bands JJ's various bands have opened for:

-Geoff Tate (formerly of Queensryche)


-Eyes Set To Kill





-Davey Suicide


-Hanzel Und Gretyl

-Fearless Vampire Killers

-The Relapse Symphony

-Close to Home

-William Control

-Beauty in The Suffering

-The Convalescence