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Joe Clancy began playing the drums aged 10 and grew up listening to The Police and Gary Numan before journeying into the world of hard rock music with inspiration from a wide range of great drummers such as Alex Van Halen, Nicko Mcbrain and Neil Peart. In 1987 Joe began playing gigs in West Wales with thrash metal band Black Orkhyd before moving to London and playing and recording with various bands and solo musicians over the next few years. 2003 saw Joe join Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Martin Connolly (Black Sabbath, Rick Wakeman & The Entire Population of Hackney) to jam regularly over the next ten years, culminating in recording an unreleased live DVD in 2013. In 2015 Joe was asked to join NWOBHM legends Vardis. Later that year Vardis recorded and released the critically acclaimed 200M.P.H EP and performed their first London show in 30 years. At the end of 2015 Vardis signed a new record deal with SPV Steamhammer. On May 20th 2016 Vardis released Red Eye, the first album from the band since Vigilante in 1986. Red Eye has already been given excellent reviews in magazines and across numerous hard rock & metal sites. In 2016 Vardis has already performed to audiences in Greece, Holland, Belgium, Ibiza, Sweden  & Scotland with forthcoming festival dates in Germany and Sheffield, England. Playing with Vardis and creating their hard, high-energy music requires a stick that has power, strength, balance and extreme length. There is simply only one stick that Joe will use and that is the Regal Tip AVH model. The huge Alex Van Halen influence on Joe Clancy now really begins to make sense!