John Kurimai

Ashely Red

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Wood 209R | Wood Butt Naked 209R-BN

Like so many other drummers, it all began on a set of pots, pans, & coffee cans. Blissfully I would bang away with my Mom's wooden spoons until I completely destroyed her cookware. That week she took me to the music store & bought a practice pad & my first pair of sticks, Regal Tips 7A's!
I drummed on everything! I was even thrown out of my 4th grade class & sent to join the school band. From that day forward there was no looking back. I wanted to play any kind of music I could swing a stick at. This desire lead me on a lifelong musical journey. Along the way have been many highlights including, study @ Berklee College of Music, Summer Tour with DCI Drum Corps, & live performances with Rock 'n' Roll Legends, Electronica Pioneers, & Rap Royalty alike including: The Sugar Hill Gang, Sammy Hagar, Mephisto Odyssey, Bryan Adams, & more. Currently I'm based in Las Vegas with my band Ashley Red.