Josh Villalta

three 6 mafia/Choleric

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Nylon 117NT | Wood 217R

songwriter/drummer) a focused and determined drummer from New Orleans plays for the up-and- coming band Choleric. Josh’s vision to start Choleric came from listening to all different types of rock/metal from the age of 7 and knew there was something missing in the whole genre. He envisioned a different approach to writing music and wanted to create a style that people could move to,be heavy,yet have everyone be able to sing along to every song. He searched for the perfect band members to suit the vision. After 3 + years of countless auditions,moving from Louisiana to Los Angeles,leaving all his friends and family behind, and having so many people “not get it”…he finally found everyone he was looking for and never gave up or settled for anyone. The long journey was finally complete.

Josh’s intense blend of beats and speed, would have been near impossible to have created such a unique and versatile sound. Throughout the years of drumming experience, Josh has incorporated his influences of rock n roll,hard rock,death metal, hard core, groove metal, and thrash to invent his own interesting and diverse style, Josh chose to create and display his own genre of music with Choleric. Throughout the bands progress it is clear that Josh is a driven, talented, and original drummer with much to offer to the drum community. The extreme speed, aggressive hitting, and double bass that Josh produces is not only something to be heard, but something to be seen. His aggressive live presence caught the attention of the one of the biggest hip hop groups in history,Three 6 Mafia. Being stunned by what they saw,they invited Josh to play live with them at one their concerts unrehearsed. This made Josh the only live drummer to ever have played with Three 6 Mafia on stage. The reaction went so well with the group and the crowd they have included him in many live shows. Some other accomplishments achieved was placing 4th place 3 years in a row at the Worlds Fastest Drummer contest. The Youtube video alone has had already had close to a half a million views in a 2 1/2 years time. His reputation as a person and drummer have also allowed him to work with many great musicians such as Andreas Kisser of Sepultura,Clint Lowery of Sevendust,Tony Campos of Static-x,Corey Lowery of Dark New Day,and Scott Stapp of Creed to name a few.