Joshua Thomas


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Joshua Thomas is a musical director, drummer, producer and arranger from Philadelphia, PA.

Joshua always knew that music is what he was destined to do. He started playing drums at the age of 4, and since then, he constantly works at his craft to make sure he is always at his best.

 Playing across Tri-state area at a young age, Josh began to flourish as a young musician.

At 13, he taught himself to play the piano, and although he's proficient on many instruments, his first love will always be the drums. 

Josh has been blessed to share the stage and record with many world renowned artists, including, but not limited to Jeff Bradshaw, Kindred & The Family Soul, Carroll Riddick, Maysa (Incognito), Frank McComb, and Casey J. 

Josh's artist statement is simple - "Music has changed my life and for that, I'm grateful. We're given life to change someone else's, and It's time to be a light!"