Mason Grimes


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Mason Grimes is a McKinney, Tx native who grew up playing drums in church and had a God-given passion for drums at an early age. Since his early roots as a drummer, Mason started playing and touring with his college worship team and from there his career has taken off. Mason has had the fortunate opportunities to play on stages with Artists like Jimmy Needham and Joseph Sojourner(SOJO) and is currently working locally with Artists like D and Chi, Danni and Kris and Elmont Band, just to name a few.  He has also been featured on albums like “Future Bright and Free” recorded by Oaks Worship, “Corners” by D and Chi and other projects. Mason currently finds his work in different styles of music from, Contemporary Worship to Indie-Rock to Top 40’s Pop; you can find him playing almost anything with his roots starting in Gospel Music. 
Though Mason’s passion is being a musician, that is not what he chooses to define himself by. “ I just want to simply be someone who wants to use the gifts God has given me to impact the lives of those around me.” Says Mason, and he wants people to know that through how he markets himself  as MKG323, stemming from his name and his favorite bible verse Colossians 3:23. Mason truly believes that there's more to people than what they may think, and he truly believes in being a positive influence for those coming behind him and others looking at him. 
Mason’s future is bright and the best is yet to come!