Mason "MasonVPT" Ledbetter


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Nylon 105NTX | Wood 205RX | Wood Butt Naked 205R-BN

Mason Ledbetter or "MasonVPT" as most know him by, comes from a small town in central Illinois called Decatur. Mason has been messing around with drums since he was three years old, but says he didn't start taking it really seriously until he was about thirteen. He's played in various original and cover bands in his hometown, a few years later he gets an opportunity to work for a local electronic drum company where he made YouTube videos showing off the drums they made. "This is where it all started, I learned how to record and produce great quality drum videos for YouTube, it turned into a serious passion of mine. If it wasn't for that, I'm not sure what I'd be doing right now, it's taken me to great places and brought amazing opportunities" Mason also says that even after that company disbanded, he still creates videos for YouTube and social media and has even started teaching drums locally and via Skype. Mason is a strong believer that you must do what you love, try your best to better yourself, and never give up! "This partnership that I'm developing with Regal Tip is a huge step in my journey, I'm positive that it will bring great things for both of us, so I'm very excited to grow our relationship and see what the future holds, Regal Tip all the way!"