Máximo "El Maximo" Cattivelli

"Toco Para Vos"

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Máximo Cattivelli
Born in Uruguay 25 years ago, he always knew music was going to be part of his life. 
Better known as "El Maximo", he started drumming at a school band, which allowed him to play in festivals, local tv and radio shows.  
His early beginnings playing funk rock music, combined with his influences in ballad, reggaeton, and pop, developed a special combination of styles that makes this drummer versatile in different genres. 
Maximo is actually member of urban Uruguayan band "Toco Para Vos" (Warner Music), which made him tour all around South America. 
In 2017 he started a new parallel project called "Pentagono" being founder and drummer of the band. 
Favorite drumstick: Regal Tip 5AX series naked.