Michael Licata

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Michael Licata has been a force in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. As a manager, agent, drummer, writer, producer and musical director, he has been involved and responsible for multi-million dollar projects for major recording artists including Chris Brown, Blues Traveler, Plain White T's, Ricky Martin, Drake, Ringo Starr, Rodney Jerkins, Jermaine Stewart, Lil' Wayne, Rhino Bucket, T-Pain, Savage Garden, Rihanna, Bang Tango and many others.

Michael has performed in internationally recognized music videos, on prestigious concert stages and has been awarded 16 Platinum/Gold records.

Behind the Drums: FEMMES OF ROCK starring Bella Electric Strings (CURRENTLY), Rhino Bucket, Jermaine Stewart, Bang Tango, Ricky Martin, Savage Garden, Ringo Starr, and Boys Don't Cry.