Michael McLaren


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Nylon 105NT* | Wood 205R* Wood Maple 205R-M | Nylon Butt Naked 105NT-BN | Wood Butt Naked 205R-BN

Michael McLaren is a gigging drummer and drum teacher from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently plays Regal Tip 5a drumsticks. Michael’s passion for music began when he was 13 years old. He then decided to make a career out of it - attending Humber College in Toronto, Ontario where he studied with top-tier drummers such as Mark Kelso, Paul Delong, and Larnell Lewis. Michael is well versed in a number of genres from jazz, to rock, to latin, and metal. He has played in numerous bands and groups over the years, and is currently
drumming for HMLT and Jake Beck. He has a growing social media following on Instagram and Youtube where he posts drum covers and interesting and unique drum lessons. As a teacher, Michael always strives to inspire his students with his creative approach to teaching.
Insta: mike_mcldrummer
Youtube: Mike McLaren Drumming