Michael McQueen


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Ever since Mike (from Queens, New York) was a child, he was mesmerized by the drums.  His mom bought him his first pair of sticks when he was 2 years old, and his passion for playing and making music was sparked.
Being a preacher’s kid, Mike began playing at his father’s church at the age of 5, received his first drum set when he was 8 and has been playing drums ever since.  Also being a military brat, Mike spent a lot of his life in Europe and was blessed to be able to play in many different European countries, which enabled him to acquire his unique sound. He is well known for his solid strong pocket.
Today, he considers himself blessed to be a full time musician and has played for a variety of different artists including Myron Williams, Todd Dulaney, Michael Bethany, The Chris Watson Band, and gospel recording group, The Fam. He has also been a part of well known Church Ministries, with his most recent being Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, in Dallas TX. 
Mike is very humbled by his many accomplishments, such as playing on the soundtrack for the motion picture "Gallows Road" (2015), and was featured with The Chris Watson Band on the Channel 8 News show “Good Morning Texas” (2014). 
Since receiving his Audio Engineering degree, he is now working to achieve his many goals as a musician, which include sharing his God-given gift with the world through playing Drums, composing, producing and engineering music. Mikes motto in life is "Its A God Thing!". 
Mike began proudly endorsing Regal Tip drumsticks May 2017.