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My parents tell me when I was 3 I would bang on pots and pans and I had the ability to keep a beat. For my 7th birthday I received a First Act drum set. At 8, I started learning drum rudiments and taking lessons. My first gig was playing at a Christian summer camp for a week when I was 9. I am still drummer at the same camp every summer!

The past few years have been a whirlwind for me. Early in 2016 at the age of 16, I placed 2nd Runner Up in the international ‘Hit Like A Girl’ Drumming Contest.

My time and hard work is starting to pay off as I see things falling into place. I still desire to learn more, hone my skills and become the best drummer I can be. Currently I am a full time college student at William Jessup University, majoring in music with an emphasis in drums. I am the lead drummer for the University Choir and Orchestra, which tours three times a year. This past year I had the privilege to record drums on two albums recorded at Skywalker Ranch with the Choir and Orchestra. I also drum for a worship team with a church congregation of 2,000 people.

I tour California and Nevada with a country band, The Madison Hudson Band. I keep the beat as the drummer, and sing harmony. Playing with The Madison Hudson Band has allowed me many great opportunities. Our biggest honors as a band was performing at a Brad Paisley After Party and opening for Chris Lane and Maggie Rose, both of whom have hits on Country Radio. Last summer we were asked to perform at the Iowa State Fair. We packed up our instruments, boarded a plane for Iowa, and performed in front of an audience of thousands of people.

I love being a female drummer, as we are pretty rare. My passion is to show that girls can drum and it is not just a “guy thing.” Ultimately I want to inspire not only females, but everyone, to work hard and follow their dreams.

Four years ago I started playing the guitar and writing music. I have two songs on iTunes and Spotify, ​These Days a​ nd ​Red Headed Angel.​ My senior year of high school the brother of one of my close friends passed away and I wrote ​Red Headed Angel​ to honor him and lift up his family through their time of grief.

Happiest when behind my drum set, I want my life to forever be filled with music and to be a part of the music industry. I know the journey will be long and hard, but I am young and ready to bring it on.


Sticks and Roses, Molly Rose


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