Paul Eckberg


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Nylon 125NT | Wood 225R | Butt Naked 225R-BN

Paul has drummed for Danielle Bradbery, Jana Kramer, Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, Whitney Duncan, Andrew Peterson, Owsley and many other Nashville-based artists.  He spends most of his time recording in Nashville.


Paul tells us, "One of the great things I love about Regal Tip is the diversity of their product offerings.  I've used many of their brush models, including the Classic Telescoping and the Ultra Flex.  The Jeff Hamilton model has become my default brush choice when playing live.  With its heavier-gauge wire, I can play lighter yet still get definition.  Also I often use the Gripped Thai Sticks, the Saul Goodman mallets, the Stick Mallets, and especially the hickory-handled Blasticks.  The Blasticks product is a great tool which brings out a distinct sound quality."