Philson George Jr.


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Philson George Jr. was born on Oct. 18, 1986 in Bronxville, New York. He began his music career at the tender age of 2. He made music from practically any and everything including his moms’ pots, pans, spoons and even chairs. On any given Sunday, as a toddler, one could find him sitting next to the drums at church enthusiastically banging his heart out.  He was that eager kid who could not wait for the drummers at Mt. Bethel Pentecostal Church and Faith Redeeming Church to step off the drum, so he could climb on and have his moment.  It was no surprise that he blossomed into a fine drummer, grabbing every opportunity to play; and, in the early 1990s he truly grew, as he played with his father at New Covenant Christian Church during worship. He matured and grew endlessly as a musician at that church, learning how to keep in pocket and tempo.

It was before his teen years that he began taking piano and drum lessons; which he admits, attributed towards his marked improvement and growth as a musician. Not wanting to miss a beat, he continued his musical career into high school where he he blossomed into a magnificent player, playing for both the Peekskill High School and Jazz bands.

 Soon after graduation, he attended a summer program at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. There, his skills and techniques magnified as he embraced each course, enabling him to become a more discipline player. He became a soul pocket drummer in every way!

             After sleeping, breathing and feeding music into his soul, Philson’s passion for music transcended all else. He knew undoubtedly that he wanted to make a career of that field; and, decided that the best way to take hold of that dream was to create something unique with a vision which was clear and positive. And so, after Berklee, in 2005, he pushed himself every day and decided that by networking, and prayer he would find the right individuals to make his dream a reality. In 2008 his adventure began with WordaboveWater (Christian alternative band). Soon after, God answered Philson’s prayers and he met his keyboard player John “Pookie” King Jr. Together they became unstoppable!  Building a band wouldn't be easy, but he believed that with God’s timing, everything would work out. After a couple of years performing and recording, things took a halt in 2010. Fortunately, another venture began and he began working with No Detours (Hip Hop alternative Band). He went in to co-produce on the album (Dreams Never Die), and did a mini tour at the Make Music Festival in Harlem, Blue Note in Brooklyn, and Taormina in Peekskill, New York. Philson and Pookie became an unstoppable force together in their journey. Things took a turn up and doors began opening to work with many different artists. Having the same vision, Pookie and Philson decided that it was time for them to begin working on something which they could call their own. And so, their brain child, Eclectic Paradise was birthed in 2007.  The brand blossomed, and joint in with record label (Breakn Bread Muzik). They added on member Sanjra (Percussionist). Started with sold out shows at 12 Grapes, and The Hudson Room and many other places. Got the opportunity to perform in the New Years Ball Drop in Peekskill. Since then have added, (bassist) Nate Allen, (multi-instrumentalist) Carlos, and (Gutarist) Gabe. It has been nothing short of a blessing as the band keeps growing ceaselessly.

             Philson is presently the drummer at Horac in Ossining, New York. He enjoys playing, with piano player Bryan Whittaker, on the worship team (which has been an inspiration in his life). From the early 1990s to present, Philson has played at many churches and with many well known musicians and artists, like Ray Blue, Vincent Corozine, Hiram Garcia, Donald Walters (Pewee), Prashant Murphy, Glacia Robertson, Richie Goods, Ernest Billups, Junior Polo, Clayton Bryant, and many more.  Philson enjoys playing in his community, Peekskill and has received a few awards from the community for his services. Philson is endorsed with Soultone Cymbals and Regal Tip. He also teaches drums personally, showing the ways of musicianship and many more. He has been influenced by many, and is grateful to God Almighty for blessing him with this wonderful talent and ear for music. Trust me when I tell you, The Best Is Yet To Come!