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Robin Boers is a Canadian-based musician who has played in the North American scene for over 40 years. He formed a super jazz trio called the Robin Boers Trio. With Mike Freedman and Kevin McCloskey, they have combined their different backgrounds and abilities to create a unique style of music with powerful dynamics and limitless energy.

The Trio has achieved notable recognition from Canada’s jazz radio stations such as, Jazz FM 91.1, CBC Radio 1, and COOL Jazz FM. And has charted #1 with songs like “Arrival” and “Bigfoot” on the University jazz radio stations like CIUT-FM, CKLN-FM, and CJSW-FM. The Trio has played in many jazz festivals including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Southside Shuffle Blues & Jazz Festival, Lakefield Jazz Festival, & the Distillery Jazz Festival.

Robin has incredible versatility in all genres of music. He has been Head Teacher at the reputable Ontario College of Percussion for 30 years, teaching many Jazz drummers such as Howie Silverman (Moe Koffman), Greg Critchley (Kim Mitchell), and Jeff Salem (Saints & Sinners). This versatile and accomplished virtuoso has played and recorded with the likes of B.B. King, Paul Shaffer, Jimi Hendrix, Wilson Pickett, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and the Ugly Ducklings. He also played alongside with the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones. Other local Jazz favorites include Dick Felix, and Lenny Boyd. Robin endorses Regal Tip Drumsticks.

Mike is a world-class guitar player with local musical roots in Toronto, where he performs in many musical projects and styles. Mike’s musical palette runs the range of jazz, rock, blues, classical and world music and he loves having the opportunity to improvise and share music in a group setting. Mike attributes his varied musical tastes to his eclectic formal training. Having started out studying classical guitar for eight years, Mike went on to study at the highly acclaimed, Berklee College of music. While attending Berklee, Mike developed a passion for jazz as well as film scoring. Over the years, Mike has scored several feature films, as well as played on many albums and performs live on a weekly basis in several groups. Mike runs his own production facility as well, where he produces CD’s of other artists as well as his own music. Mike has also received Honourable Mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and has had songs placed on TV and in commercials.

Kevin is a born musician whose active musical career spans over three decades from age 11 to the present time. Raised on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario, he started to perform with his father in country night clubs at the tender age of 11. His musical world began to expand in high school in the mid seventies with the influence of both jazz and rock genres. A trip to Toronto to see a live performance of Jaco Pastorius led to the discovery that there was a whole world of music he had never even known, and he wanted to be part of it. This would mean relocating to Toronto to focus on the study of theory, composition, and form at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Kevin works include Steven G, Michael Keith, film scores for Shane O’Regan, and jingle work for Jeff White.

The Robin Boers Trio radiates spirituality, fully demonstrating that there is indeed hope for tomorrow. It stimulates the senses and the imagination, evoking a feeling of well being.