Roy Draves

Dirt War/ Bryan Johnson and Family

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Roy started playing drums in Buffalo, Ny at the age of 9 his Mom worked at a music store where he would hang out while she worked and "naturally gravitated towards the sound of drums coming from the practice rooms". He started showing more interest and his parents bought him his first kit for Christmas, shortly after her co worker at the time led him to an Inspirational drummer of the name Sandy Konikoff who he started taking lessons with. "I didn't exactly grasp how awesome this guy was until I got older he's played with Bob Dylan, Joe cocker and played on countless studio albums back in the day" He took lessons from Sandy learning the basics, roots and fundamentals of blues, jazz and rock. 

He then started growing into his skin by getting into punk music around the young age of 13 which led him to his first band Blind Hysteria "which in a weird way paved the way to way to where I am now". While playing some of his first punk shows as a kid he was in the middle of auditioning and later being accepted into the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts high school as a music major. This is where he would learn to read music in a concert band setting, learn new styles from fellow drummers and also suit up for marching band. Through high school he played with a number of different bands leading to a hardcore band called Controversy, "with the ups and downs of high school these guys wanted to tour and I was all in IN" He toured stints of the winters and summers for two years before abandoning and falling into a band called Real people where he ended up touring more of the dark depths of the Eastcoast/Midwest for the another few years on and off. That taught him a lot about being a functioning musician mentally and physically.

He's now more stationary for the time being, in his down time he's a mechanic at a busy bicycle shop in Buffalo, you can catch him playing furiously with Dirt War or smoothly with Bryan Johnson and family or possibly filling in for a band somewhere big, small, secrete or weird.