Travis Cash


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Nylon 105NT* | Wood 205R* Wood Maple 205R-M | Nylon Butt Naked 105NT-BN | Wood Butt Naked 205R-BN

Born in Halifax, Virginia Travis started playing drums at the age of 13 when he purchased a drumset from a man in town that was in a band. Instantly fell in love and knew he wanted to be playing in sold out venues one day. Travis plays a variety of styles Hardrock/Metal Genres is his specialty some influences for Travis is Joey Jordison, Chris Adler, Travis Smith. You can check Travis out on his Instagram page at officialtraviscash. Travis is in the faith based Hardrock/Metal group called Cross they just got their first tour under their belt and their EP is out on iTunes and Spotify. They just finished up their first music video which is set to release in September you can go to to check Cross out