Yvonne Wollak

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     Yvonne Wollak began music at the early age of five and began her formal percussion training at the age of eight.  Growing up in Medfield, her experience began in the school bands: concert band, marching band, chorus, and jazz band.  

     At the age of fifteen, Yvonne began her private percussion practice in the Medfield School system.  During her high school years, she began playing professionally in the Boston area with various rock groups, general business groups, studio playing, local plays, and after thirty years continues to teach and play.

    During her high school years she was awarded the John Philip Souza Award and a scholarship for future studies.  After high school, she continued her education at Dean Junior College, received the Helen Chapin Music Award and graduated with an Associates degree in the Arts.  Then continued her education at Rhode Island College with scholarships each year until graduating with a Bachelor in Music Education K-12.

    While in high school, Yvonne studied with Bob Varney and later spent many years studying with Alan Dawson.  She is a member of the Percussion Art Society and is an endorser of Regal Tip drum sticks.    She has written two percussion books; Elements of Percussion and Fills for Drum set.  She has also written many percussion solo pieces and articles for drum magazines.