New Taku Hirano Taiko Stick

January 24th, 2014

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Percussionist Taku Hirano formulated his Performer Series Taiko Stick through both practice with one of the top taiko dojos in Tokyo, and meticulous analysis of traditional taiko sticks (bachi) personally collected in Japan from his travels. Measuring 17” long, with a diameter of .860” and constructed of Canadian hard rock maple , the Taku Hirano Performer Series Taiko Sticks are of traditional length and have a hardness and density that can hold up to strikes on the drum rim, yet are thin enough for control at high velocity, and for stick flips and flourishes. A first in taiko stick design, they feature a  6.75” clear-dip enhanced grip on one end.  Another successful collaboration between Regal Tip and its artists.

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