Piloto on Tour!

October 17th, 2014

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Don't miss the rare opportunity to hear and learn from one of Cuba's finest.  Piloto's schedule is below...as well as his clinic information.

10.18.14: Don Quixote - Santa Cruz, CA - http://donquixotesmusic.info/

10.19.14: Harris Center - Folsom, CA - https://www.harriscenter.net/

10.20.14: Community Music Center, San Francisco CA (Drum Clinic) - http://sfcmc.org/

10.21.14: Yoshi’s in San Francisco, CA - http://www.yoshis.com/

10.22.14: Yoshi’s in San Francisco, CA - http://www.yoshis.com/

10.23.14: Club Sur - Seattle, WA - http://www.seattleclubsur.com/

10.24.14: The Conga Club - Portland Oregon

10.28.14: SFCPA (South Florida Centre for Percussive Arts), Miami, FL by Kosa Music - http://www.thesfcpa.com/

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