About Regal Tip

Founder of Regal Tip, Joe Calato, took it as his mission to upgrade the drumstick, beginning with the quality of the wood used, the drying of the wood, quality control for straightness of grain, weight, knots, warp and finally the famous Regal Tip PEF finish.

As drummers, we take things for granted. We forget that until 1958 only wood tip drumsticks were available. Necessity, the Mother of Invention, intervened when professional drummer and woodworker Joe Calato confronted the problem that the tips of his sticks were wearing out too quickly. He decided to make a stick that would last longer and would retain a pure sound.

After much experimenting, Joe perfected the idea: a drumstick with a nylon tip that stayed on, didn't shatter and produced a sound pleasing to the ear. In fact, the sound was so pleasing it helped define the musical styles of the day with its signature clarity on drumheads and ride cymbals. His contribution to the percussion industry was recognized by the Percussive Arts Society when he was inducted into its Hall of Fame.

Joe Calato's invention signaled a revolution in drumstick manufacturing and design. Joe took it as his mission to upgrade the drumstick, beginning with the quality of the wood used, the drying of the wood, quality control for straightness of grain, weight, knots, warp and finally the famous Regal Tip PEF finish. He was also the first in the industry to match and pair sticks. To this day, the drum world credits Joe with establishing modern standards in drumstick design and crafting.

The invention of the nylon tip drumstick was but the beginning of a long history of quality products and innovation. Joe set the standards for quality and innovation when he introduced his line of best-selling brushes. Its patented interior design, which keeps metal from hitting metal, and two-point spread all assisted in the creation of a brush with a feel and performance second to none.

Joe Calato's dedication to manufacturing only quality percussion products for drummers was ingrained in his children and grandchildren. A long list of innovations includes the Thai Sticks, Conga Stick, Danny Reyes Multi-Percussion Stick, and most recently the E-Tip drumstick. The company is still owned and operated by the Calato family. Now, as the third generation begins to assume responsibility for the day to day operations, they continue the commitment to produce quality products for drummers and percussionist very seriously. The tradition goes on.

For close to 60 years our family has continued the philosophy of consistency, clarity and richness of sound. These original Regal Tip benchmarks have guided us through our craft of percussion accessory manufacturing. With the family's pledge of quality over quantity, the next generation understands the needs of drummers. Musicians are artists, they want the best.

- Joe Calato


A Quality Manufacturing Process with Trained Personnel

Regal Tip’s manufacturing processes have evolved over the years as technology has evolved. Machinery has gone from mechanical to computer operated. Office procedures have gone from manual to digital. But the company’s philosophy of continuous quality improvement has never changed. The company has spent the last several years instituting the philosophy of Kaizan Lean to its employees, management processes and manufacturing. The EPA defines this process as follows: Kaizen focuses on eliminating waste, improving productivity, and achieving sustained continual improvement in targeted activities and processes of an organization.

Regal Tip has always been environmentally conscious. For example, it was the first drumstick company to end the use of plastic bags when pairing its sticks. Many are concerned, as we should be, about the over-use of our natural resources, such as our trees. The trees used in the manufacture of our drumsticks are sustainable and logged in such a way as to ensure the existence of the species. The manufacture of wooden drumsticks is still a more environmentally friendly process than the manufacture of synthetic based products.

Regal Tip has the distinction of having always manufactured all of its own products. This alone allows uncompromised product control, thus giving us the edge when it comes to bringing new products to the market. With a multi-million dollar capital improvement project underway, our facility, machines used in our manufacturing, including our state-of-the-art machine shop, combined with our in-house design team of engineers, allows us to deliver a consistency unseen in the industry. Only the best of the best can bear the Regal Tip stamp.