How They're Made

People have a tendency to look at a drumstick and think, "Just a piece of wood whittled down…I could do that”. But talk to anyone who has toured the Regal Tip drumstick factory and find out how surprised they were to learn how much work and planning goes into the design and manufacture of the "simple" drumstick.

1. Like just about anything else, you have to start with the best raw material possible. Premium U.S. white sapwood hickory is the most popular material for the best hickory drumsticks.

2. After the logs are air-dried, they are cut into squares and kiln-dried to the ideal moisture content for drumsticks.

3. Dowels are stabilized in an environmentally controlled room and then cut on one of Regal Tip's computerized auto-lathes, which were designed and built to maintain optimum consistency of production.

4. The famous five step Regal Tip finishing process begins, producing a superior gripping stick, for which Regal Tip is known.

5 . Even though the quality of each manufacturing process is closely monitored, all Regal Tip sticks…all of them…go through a hand and computerized inspection before being graded.

6. State-of-the-art machines automatically match the sticks.