Austin Mitchell


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Nylon 105NT* | Wood 205R* Wood Maple 205R-M | Nylon Butt Naked 105NT-BN | Wood Butt Naked 205R-BN

Austin Mitchell (born January 3, 1995, in Modesto, California) is a drummer, session musician, and producer based out of Sacramento, California. 

Growing up in a musical environment as the child of worship leaders, instruments and music constantly filled the home, eventually leading to his interest in the drums at age 2.

In the summer of 2015, Austin relocated to Sacramento, California to begin working with artists ranging genres from country, pop, and rock, to r&b, soul, jazz, and funk. During this time, he would also become heavily involved in the church community, working with teams from Capital Christian Center, Destiny Christian Church, Project Church, and Bayside Church to name a few. 

While building a reputation of being a double edged sword, able to chop and shed with the rest of them, but also be the simple, supportive song drummer, Austin remains dedicated to providing a solid and reliable foundation to each musical situation. Through a genuine love for music and people, he’s excited for the future and plans to continue to to push forward, work harder, and become better every day. 

Austin began proudly endorsing Regal Tip drumsticks in January 2017.