Brett Rocha

Urban Rescue

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Brett was born on November 25, 1991 and began playing and studying drums at the age of 10. In the fall of 2011, Brett attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood California where he received an Associate’s degree in Drum performance. He began touring soon after he received his degree and has been touring since the summer of 2013.

Throughout Brett’s drum career, he has traveled the world, playing on various recordings as well as for artists inside and out of the Los Angeles area. Brett is currently playing for Urban Rescue. Urban Rescue is a revival band from Los Angeles and the first ever act signed to Rend Family Records, a partnership between Irish celebration band Rend Collective and Capitol Christian Music Group.

URBAN RESCUE’S 2016 full-length album, WILD HEART, debuted at #1 on both the US & UK Christian Music charts after finishing the US & UK "As Family We Go Tour" with Rend Collective.