Cory Clark


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Nylon 105NT* | Wood 205R* Wood Maple 205R-M | Nylon Butt Naked 105NT-BN | Wood Butt Naked 205R-BN

Cory Clark is a second generation drummer who grew up around music. He is a touring and recording drummer for the band Brightside.

He has been playing drums since he was three years old. Cory spent his school years studying marching, jazz, and classical percussion at Leon High School of the Arts. During these years he traveled with and competed in marching drum line and indoor drum corps competitions, across the Southeast. Cory continued his musical education as a jazz performance major at Florida State University.

Cory and Brightside will be touring through out the U.S. in the future. Come catch a show and say hello at a venue near you. 

Cory uses Regal Tip signature 5a wood tips.