Dame Drummer


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Grandma's kitchen is where it all began. The clashing of pots and pans being cleaned, dried, put away under the sink only to be ransacked and set up like drums by a 2-year-old toddler. Reaching into the first drawer to the right to find a pair of wooden 
spoons and Voila, a musician is Born. Within his first few weeks of lessons his drum teacher lost to tragedy in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. This was a tough blow but it didn't stop him. His dad bought him the hottest albums that were out at the time: Prince's "Purple Rain" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller".  His father's instructions were simple, "Play These".  The family learned that Dame could listen and regurgitate exactly what he heard. He had "THE POCKET".  Dame spent most of his free time on the drums playing and singing to his favorite tunes. 
Dame Drummer is becoming a well-known name in the music industry. Respected for his eclectic pocket, production and feel, the singer/songwriter/producer/ is extremely versatile. You’ll hear influences of a variety of musical genres including Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Gospel. His work has landed him countless session and production work with a long list of artists. Dame has toured in over 4 continents performing in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Moscow, Colombia, Victoria BC, Germany, Panama and Portugal to name a few.  His solo music has reached people in every continent with the exception of Antarctica. He has worked with a long list of artists including LeVICEJazz MafiaMartin LutherMarcus MachadoUriah DuffyAisha FukushimaDaM-FunKJennifer JohnsKev ChoiceConya DossAlvin FrazierMyron, 7 Complete, MugpushDJ TeekoSarah's Girl, Liam Furey and the list goes on.  With the same ear for music beyond his drumming abilities Dame is also a well versed producer across multiple genres and an active voting member of The Recording Academy. You can catch a diverse display of Dame's production, arrangement and vocal contributions on his self-produced solo album entitled "BREATHE". Dame proudly endorses CAD Audio.