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Daniel Fang is the drummer of hardcore-punk bands Turnstile, Angel Du$t, and Praise. He is also co-founder of Pop Wig Records, alongside fellow band mates Justice Tripp and Brendan Yates. 

Since 2012, Daniel's bands have staggered record releases every year, resulting in nearly four years of continuous touring.

In 2016, both Angel Du$t and Turnstile have released music (Rock The Fuck On Forever LP and Move Thru Me EP, respectively) on Pop Wig Records, and Praise has released Leave It All Behind, an EP on REACT! Records. All of these records were produced and engineered by Will Yip of Studio 4. Daniel's next project will be to work with the band on a new Turnstile album, which will become their first major label release on RoadRunner Records.