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Drummer/DJ combo Don Vaughn went from playing gigs with his band in high school to headlining a SXSW showcase and touring with Blu Cantrell seemingly overnight.  Combining his passion for both music and neuroscience, Don sets the stage to be more than just another DJ.
Born in San Diego, Don began playing music in a high school hardcore band that opened for Pepper and Agent 51. After high school Don attended Stanford, graduating in 2008 with dual degrees in Physics and Economics. 
His neuroscience education landed him a job working in Houston at Baylor College of Medicine.  Don found that not only did Houston facilitate his scientific ambitions, but it alaso offered many opportunities for his creative mind to soar.
Soon after signing with Page Parkes Talent Agency, he was modeling for brands like Adidas, Neiman Marcus, and Men’s Warehouse, including a shoot in Costa Rica. Don has since been named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Bachelor of the Year, Texas”, one of Houston’s Top 10 Most Influential people on the cover of First Class Magazine, and “Most Stylish” by Futur-ish Magazine.
Don began performing in clubs across Texas. His fusion of drumming and DJing brought a completely new experience for concert attendees and quickly gained him a loyal following.  
Coined “A 21st Century Renaissance Man” by the media, Don mixes his understanding of how the brain works with his musical talent to create an unforgettable experience for concert attendees.
Don debuted his first EDM album in 2015, - The Don Vaughn Experiment, which stretches the boundaries of popular music, fusing his technical production, high intensity drumming, and melodic vocals featuring an amazing array of talented artists. The first single “Again” featured Nick Lachey and was recorded with award winning producer Loren Johnson in Nashville, Houston and Los Angeles. The project was mixed by Hank Kalleen (Paul Oakenfold) and mastered in the UK by Simon Davey (Calvin Harris).  
Don’s research will be featured in a forthcoming documentary on the inner-workings of the brain.  In the show, Don discusses how people process empathy, and to what degree that response varies based on each person’s beliefs.  Don also has a television show in the works combining his love of science and music.
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