Joe Pignato

Bright Dog Red

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Joe Pignato leads Bright Dog Red, an improvising collective celebrated for its “spirited and inspired jazz that skillfully weaves in elements of electronica and hip-hop” (Blue in Green Radio, United Kingdom). Bright Dog Red, described as “Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Digable Planets” (Paul Shulman) and “Electric Ahmad Jamal” (Don Lucoff), “has become a fixture on the NYC jazz and improvisation scene” (London Jazz Journal).  The ensemble has released multiple albums on Ropeadope Records, the influential Philadelphia label.

On his leadership of Bright Dog Red, Modern Drummer observed, “key to the group’s inner workings and flow is drummer/manager Joe Pignato. Displaying taste, groove, and sensitivity, Pignato provides an admirable foundation for this inspired music, adding drama, abstraction, and color when necessary.”

In addition to leading Bright Dog Red, Pignato has recorded drum tracks, under the moniker u.joe, for use by DJs, producers, MCs, and remix artists, including internationally renowned DJ M A N I K. His drumming features an “insane balance of minimal tactile grooves with massive improvisational freak-outs” (The Bolg, Twin Cities). English writer Gareth Dylan Smith aptly summed up Pignato’s sound, “Swings like Bonham hugging Questlove.”