Joseph "Joeybones" Parasole

The Morgan Freemasons

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Nylon 125NTX | Wood 225RX | Wood Butt Naked 225RX-BN

Joseph "Joeybones " Parasole (born October 7th 1979) in Brooklyn NY is a proud Father, husband, friend and musician who currently resides in New Jersey. His musical journey began with 3 years of playing violin up until he fell in love with the drums at the age of 10.

He is an independent drummer that currently plays for The Morgan Freemasons. He can normally be found on instagram as @joeybones__ dropping daily grooves and spreading positivity throughout the drum community! Joe proudly endorses Zion cymbals, Love Custom Drums, Predator Percussion and now.... Regal tip sticks!

With influences ranging from Gene Krupa to John Bonham. He attributes private lessons, playing in every school band possible as well as original rock bands for molding him into the hard hitting, deep pocket player he is today. He has played for many different acts including Last Perfect Thing and the national touring band Fairweather.