Lino Park

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Lino is a prominent Korean musician in Asia, and his work with the top K-pop singers and collaborations with other artists brought him a great public attention. Also, Lino is a sound designer and a producer for many other k-pop singers, and he was awarded “All Together Asia 2017”. He is not just a musician, but also the MC at ‘YANGACHI’ at CTS radio JOY. He has produced a lot of songs and music for other singers and artists. 

At the age of 9, Lino started playing drum at the church in a small town where he grew up. After he joined ‘Wind Orchestra’, one of the most famous Korean Orchestra at 14, and he made his professional debut aged 19 as the drummer of “DeShock”, a hybrid metal band. 

After he became the drummer of ‘OnGiJangE’ (means ‘the Potters’ in English) which is the most famous gospel worship team and of ‘JuChanyang’ (means ‘Prasing God’) which is the most influential Contemporary Christian music team in Korea, he realized the love of God towards him and felt blessed playing drums for worship songs which he heard all the time throughout his childhood. 

Unfortunately, he lost his sight in the medical accident; he couldn’t see anything for 1 year. During this tragic period, ironically, he found other musical potentials and the extraordinary sense of hearing which made him a great sound designer and a music producer, today. With the great bless of God, he started to have his sight back, and now he can see enough to play and enjoy his life. The story about him inspires a lot of people, and the sound of his work and his performance are just perfect enough to make people’s heart fluttered. 

He continued to grow to be a top artist and played 1500+ times at the most popular programs but the major surgery on his two ankles stopped his prospecting future. (After his first Asia tour, he lost the functions of his two ankles.) 

While he was struggling with the tragic moment, he never gave up his dream. He started playing drums again step by step as if he was learning the drums for the first time. After 7 years of his efforts, Lino successfully made his comeback, and now he communicates with more people from many different places worldwide. 

He started to grasp the global attention when he had the collaboration with a world designer, Andrea Pompilio at Onitska Tiger 2017 SS & FW Collection, and it opened him the path into a worldwide stage. 

Lino can expresses the perfect combination of the oriental soul and the modern style, through his drumming with his talent. For that reason, there are growing interest on his work worldwide. 

Lino devotes himself to share his vision and talents from God with teenagers and inspire them to keep their hopes and make their dreams come true. Also, Lino was selected as one of 5 influential musicians.